Experience friendly and familiar Scouts hospitality

The Alpine Activity Centre is owned and operated by Scouts NSW. With a number of educational and adventurous activities in close proximity, the Centre provides an ideal base for Scouting groups looking to visit the Snowy Mountains, either for an annual snow trip, or troop-led expedition. Jindabyne and its surrounds are even becoming a destination in the summer months, with epic mountain biking and hiking trails and other activities to enjoy.

Whether you’re looking for a place to rest after a big day of adventurous activities, or want a change of scenery for your Group, District or Region planning weekends, Crew breakups, training courses, Troop Council weekends and more, the Alpine Activity Centre can cater for your unique Scouting needs.

If you are looking for an activity-based stay, we can work with local operators to organise an enjoyable, challenging, team building program for your Group, arrange individual activities for a full or half day or simply put you on the right track to organising your own. The Alpine Activity Centre has many discounted packages available to Scouting groups to experience a great range of activities. We can arrange catering during your stay.

Interested in visiting the Alpine Activity Centre for your next Scouting event? Contact our friendly team to get started!