National Alpine School hosted at the Alpine Activity Centre

Alpine Activity Centre, Scouts At Alpine
National Alpine School hosted at the Alpine Activity Centre
Posted on 22 August, 2022

Altitude mixed with attitude at this year’s National Alpine School which was hosted at the Alpine Activity Centre at the end of July.

About 50 participants converged from around the country to learn the skills to continue the Scouting tradition of alpine adventurous activities.

NSW Alpine State Leader, Chris Ward says it’s all about the Outdoor Adventure Skills progression.

“We want kids to be able to experience adventure in all types of environments,” he says.

“So we need Leaders who have the skills and confidence to take them there.”

Lead Instructor, Mic Doyle says he’s stoked with the number of Leaders and Rover Scouts who will achieve Guide, Trained and Safe Participant qualifications.

“Some people had never even been on skis before the NAS”, Mic says.

“By the end of the five days, they were sleeping in multi-roomed snow caves and waking up to astounding sunrises peeking over snow-capped peaks.”

Most importantly, the NAS has produced a core group of Leaders who’ll be available to take any group or section for alpine adventures.

“You can’t expect every Leader to have every adventurous activity qualification,” says Chris.

“But now, if your group wants to have a ‘go in the snow’, we have people who can help run those activities.”

Chris says the overwhelming success of this year’s NAS wouldn’t have been possible without the contribution of dozens of people including instructors, assessors, patrol leaders, caterers and administrators.

And in exciting news, the momentum is snowballing already with plans underway for the 2023 National Alpine School in Victoria.

The State Alpine School, to progress participants to OAS Stage 6 in cross country skiing, snow shoeing and snow camping, will be held at the Alpine Activity Centre from September 9-11, 2022.